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Whether you were a Weenie or a Spooklet, I'm sure you remember how it felt to join in on all of the amazing traditions that Texas Spirits has to offer. We’ve added one more since 2018. Pen Pals!

By signing up for a Weenie Pen Pal, you will get the opportunity to correspond with one of our 26 newest Spirits and show them just how special this organization is. Different from our Mentorship Program for our Active members, you will provide your mailing address below and receive a handwritten letter from one of our Weenies who will initiate this relationship. Feel free to share stories, photographs, memorabilia, and advice with the next generation of Texas Spirits!

We are so excited to include you, our Alumnae, in their path from Weenie to Texas Spirit!

This form will be on a first come basis and will be capped so that each Weenie is matched to one Alumna.

We are currently accepting participants for Fall 2019 Pen Pals. If you are interested in being a Pen Pal, please fill out the form below.



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Jasmine Poyatos (Fall ‘15) & Ira Gulati (Spring ‘19) - Weenie Pen Pals

Jasmine Poyatos (Fall ‘15) & Ira Gulati (Spring ‘19) - Weenie Pen Pals