a tradition since 1941

"Texas Spirits is an honorary social, spirit, and service organization for students at the University of Texas at Austin. The purpose of Texas Spirits is to promote spirit and serve the University and the Austin community in the best way possible. Our four pillars of spirit, love, service, and friendship represent the core values Texas Spirits strive to uphold."

Texas Spirits has grown and flourished on the forty acres for the last 77 years. This is all because of the women who came before us, our Alumnae. From CIWY, to Tap-In, to painting the drag, to Weenie Oahu - we all share these traditions. As an organization with so much history, we want more than anything for our alumnae to have more opportunities to remain a part of our organization.

If you'd like to be involved with today's Texas Spirits, please consider Active Mentorship, or Weenie Pen Pals. Both are a great way to stay in touch with the organization, and to make an impact on current Active members, or our newest Weenie class. 

If you would like to give back to the organization that has given us all so much, please consider Sponsoring a Weenie. This helps us to make this organization more accessible to women who belong in Spirits, but who may not be able to join due to financial reasons. 


As always, please feel free to reach out to our organization with any questions, comments, or concerns at