Texas Spirits Alumnae

a tradition since 1941

Founded in 1941 as the Texas Spooks, the organization's intent was to promote spirit around the university and the community. The name Texas Spooks was originally chosen to reflect the organization's secrecy. The 30 member organization would secretly meet in restaurants and sorority houses dressed in the "ghostly garb" of hoods, masks, and sheets. The members would light red candles and sing to the football players in order to "spook" away any bad luck.

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Texas Spirits has grown and flourished on the forty acres for the last 78 years. This is all because of the women who came before us, our Alumnae. From CIWY, to Tap-In, to painting the drag, to Weenie Oahu - we all share these traditions. As an organization with so much history, we want more than anything for our alumnae to have more opportunities to remain a part of our organization.